Health Informatics Salary Ranges

The Health Informatics field is a broad field which covers clinical informatics and nursing informatics.

Trying to pinpoint a salary in this field, is like trying to pinpoint the salary for an individual who says that he/she works in the medical field.

Obviously, this is a daunting task, because just like the medical field could be anybody from a dentist to a doctor to a nurse to a radiology tech, somebody working in the healthcare informatics field could be an executive, an IT director, a clinical analyst or coding professional, and many others.

Nonetheless I will present the latest salary information as reported by AHIMA in 2010.

Health Informatics Salary By Job Level

When looking at this data, it must be kept in mind that this is a generic overview of what a salary range might be for a specific group within Health Informatics.

For example, a clinician falls in the range of around $67,000 dollars. If we do further research, we can say that somebody in Nursing Informatics, which is subset of Health Informatics, has an average salary of around $70,000 dollars, but that varies by many factors such as experience, job location, and job title, as can be seen in my nursing informatics salary post.

It must be also kept in mind that if a person is an entry level candidate, the salary range will most likely be lower than what appears on this chart.

Health Informatics Salary By Job Setting

This chart gives us a better idea as to what type of job setting pay the most. If we look at this chart we see that in an acute care setting the salary is close to $60,000 dollars. However, you could be an experience clinical analyst for example, and most likely your salary will be a lot higher than that.

Therefore this gives a rough overview as to the different salaries in different settings, but again, these are not absolute numbers as a salary is always composed of many factors. What’s known for a fact though, is that working for a consulting employer will pay you the most, unless of course, you’re working in an executive level position in any of these settings.

Health Informatics Salary By Region

Finally, according to this graphic, we see that jobs in the southwest supposedly pay more than jobs in other regions, but from personal experience, you can find good paying jobs in the north east, and in states like Texas, Illinois, and Georgia.

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