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Is it true that informatics professionals average a salary of 98k a year?

Even though the HIMSS survey claims that the average salary is 98k, a quick look on job boards will tell you that salaries can start from the mid 40’s and can go up to six salary figures.

A more realistic average will be in the low 70’s or mid 70’s.

Entry level candidates might make even less than this figure.

Who makes the most money?

Consultants on the other hand, easily go over 90k and even a 6 salary figures, but obviously consultants tend to have experience in the field.

Also, salaries can also vary by employer. Smaller hospitals will obviously pay less than a large network of hospitals, and vendors can sometimes pay more than most hospitals.

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In addition to salaries, I also  cover other topics related to informatics interviews, resumes,  and other advice about the informatics field.

You’re not a nurse?

No Problem.

Health Informatics and Clinical Informatics are other general branches in the informatics field, and jobs in these branches don’t require you to be a nurse to get a job.

As a working professional in the nursing informatics field, it is my goal to have this website provide you with real life information for those who are thinking of getting into the nursing informatics field or informatics in general, or who are looking for EMR jobs and are trying to figure out if this is a field that they might want to pursue.

And who am I?

I’m a registered nurse with IT experience and in the past six years I’ve been specifically working in the Healthcare IT field. My job titles have always revolved around terms such as Clinical Analyst, Informatics Specialist, and some others.

I have helped some friends break into the field and will incorporate some of the tips I shared with them in my posts and that’s why this website is dedicated to answering queries based on my personal work experience in the field, while also providing real life tips that you could use to enter this field as an entry level analyst.

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